ZONESUN ZS-FAL180A8 Full Automatic Liquid Juice Water e-liquid Essential oil Bottle Filling Capping and Labeling Machine Line

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This production line consists of bottle unscrambler, 3 in 1 filling and capping machine, labeling machine, bottle sorting machine.

1.With magnetic pumps, it can fill liquid accurately. The filling speed of two nozzles can be controlled separately.

2.With high-quality capping head, it can be used for different shapes of caps.

3.Adopting the way of positioning and labeling, it is suitable for single side or double sides labeling on round bottles.

4.With PLC control panel, it is easy to set the working parameters.

5.With high-quality chain conveyor belt, it can transport large-volume containers smoothly and steadily.

6.With cap feeder, it can make caps in order and feed caps automatically, saving labor cost.

7.These machines can be customized as needed.


This machine can be used for filling liquid, capping bottles, labeling round bottles. It is suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid, such as perfume, juice, vinegar, sauce, etc. The machine can be used for single side or double sides labeling on round bottles. It can be widely used in medicine, cosmetic, daily chemical industries.

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