ZONESUN ZS-FAL180X Automatic 4 Head Fragrance Liquid Vacuum Filling Machine Line Perfume Bottle Capping Machine Crimper

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This production line consists of vacuum filling machine and perfume bottle capping machine.

[PLC Control Panel] With touch screen control panel, you can set filling speed and capping time easily. The language of panel can be customized as needed.

[Vacuum Filling Nozzle] With pneumatic vacuum filling nozzles, it can prevent liquid from spreading out from the bottles. The nozzles are with back suction function and liquid level line, which enables it to suck the redundant liquid back, ensuring high filling accuracy.

[Perfume Bottle Capping Machine] The capping machine is suitable for capping spray head and collar ring of perfume bottles. The size of capping chuck can be customized according to cap's size.

[Intelligent Electric Eye] With electric eye, it can detect bottles accurately and control the machine to work, intelligent and efficient.

[Automatic Production] This machine can work with automatic labeling machine, realizing automatic production.



This production line is designed for filling and capping perfume bottles. It's suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid, such as perfume,fragrance liquid, etc. The machine can be used in production line, which can work with automatic labeling machine, improving work efficiency.