ZONESUN ZS-SVPP80C Automatic Peristalcti Pump Servo Motor Filling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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Controlled by servo motor, this machne can set filling volume directly through control panel. It is no need to set filling time, more convenient to operate the machine.Multi filling heads can be customized as production need.It is suitable for packaging essential oil, skin toner, perfume, energy drinks.


  • Machine model:ZS-SVPP80C
  • Voltage:110/220V 50-60HZ 2KW
  • Filling pump:Peristaltic pump
  • Max flow rate:2.4L/min*4
  • Container size:φ20-100mm H50-300mm
  • Recommend filling range:About 10-500ml (For filling capacities not within this range, we recommend customizing the machine.)
  • Working capacity:About 10-20BPM(based on 100ml water, this depends on filling range and filling material)
  • Size of air compressor connector:OD8mm
  • Machine size:About 2000*800*1800mm
  • Package size:About 2070*800*1740mm
  • Package weight:About 251kg
peristaltic pump filling machine
application of peristaltic pump filling machine
automatic liquid filling machine
ZONESUN ZS-SVPP80C Automatic Peristalcti Pump Servo Motor Filling Machine
control panel of peristaltic pump filling machine

Use touch control screen to replace traditional button control panel, filling volume can be set through control panel directly, this customizable interface simplifies machine operation, different language can be customized as needed.

peristaltic pump of liquid filler machine

Equipped with peristaltic pump, filling material will only pass through hose, this can ensure packaging quality.The filling hose is also easy to be changed for filling different kinds of liquid.

electric eye of peristaltic pump filling machine

The electric eye can detect passing by bottles and send singal to the system to control the automated filling work.The position can be adjusted according to bottles, improves working accuracy.

filling nozzle of peristaltic pump filling machine

Equipped with diving nozzle, the diving nozzle can fill liquid from the bottom of bottles, this can prevent liquid from spraying out and is suitable for foamy liquid.

conveyor of peristaltic pump filling machine

The chain conveyor has larger weight capacity, it can transport bottles smoothly and faster.The length and width can be customized according to production need.

peristaltic pump filling machine for liquid