ZONESUN ZS-WB12A Full Automatic Pet Recycle 12 Heads Glass Bottle Washing Drying Machine Milk Rotary Wine Plastic Bottle

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Product Description

Automatic bottle washing drying machine is flushed with high-pressure water for a long time to rinse the inner bottle.After the flushing is completed, the water is shut off.At the same station,the high-pressure clean air source is used to dry the inner wall of water.The equipment is suitable for various bottle shapes such as round neck bottles,flat bottles and square bottles etc.


if you need ,please contact ,we can recommend a suitable machine to you.


We have some production line ,this production line is consist of bottle washing machine,drying machine,labeling machine,filling and ropp capping machine,the full automated production improves working efficiency and reduce production error.Custom service is available.


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