ZONESUN Auger Filler Automatic Powder Packing Machine with Metal Detector ZS-PFSL1

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Introducing our versatile powder packaging combo, complete with a screw conveyor, powder filling and sealing machine, and a metal detection system. The screw conveyor efficiently transfers powder to the main unit, which handles bag feeding, coding, filling, and sealing with multiple stations. Simply place the pre-made bags on the rack, and the suction gripper will pick them up, apply codes, fill them with powder, and seal the bag opening. Once sealed, the bags are transported on a conveyor belt to the metal detection machine, where any presence of metal triggers an air nozzle to remove the contaminated bag. Streamline your powder packaging process with this all-in-one solution for efficiency and quality control.

Whatever your packaging needs are, you can rely on ZONESUN.


Machine Model



220V/110V 50-60Hz


About 1.2kW

Measuring Type

Auger Filling

Packing Speed

About 16-20pcs/min

(Depending on bag size and filling materials)

Filling Range

Can be customized

Bag Size

Can be customized