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Packaging Machinery Expert-ZONESUN Filling Machine
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Packaging Machinery Expert-ZONESUN Filling Machine

Filling Machine

Filling machine, also known as filling machine, plays a vital role in the packaging industry. It ensures that various products are filled accurately and efficiently into bottles, boxes or other containers that need to be filled. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of filling machines .

Liquid Filling Machines: These machines are specially designed to fill various liquid products into containers, such as beverages, sauces, and chemicals. Liquid filling machines use different filling mechanisms to adapt to the viscosity and flow properties of the liquid.

automatic filling machineautomatic filling machine

Manual liquid filling machine: does not require electricity and relies only on manual operation. Suitable for small-scale production or laboratory.

Semi-automatic liquid filling machines: Typically use syringes, pistons and nozzles to ensure zero-drip operation. Works with almost all types of liquids, including detergents and pharmaceuticals.

Fully automatic liquid filling machine: suitable for large-scale operations and high-volume requirements, often used to pour liquids of various viscosities and liquids containing food ingredients.

Linear liquid filling machine: Arrange containers along a conveyor belt system, which can fill low- and high-viscosity liquids and is suitable for food, dairy products, cosmetics and other fields.

Rotary liquid filling machine: moves containers along different circular stations, each performing a specific function such as filling, sealing and capping.

Powder Filling Machine: Designed for filling containers of powdered substances, such as spices, flour or pharmaceutical powders. A screw or propulsion system is often used to control the flow of powder.

Solid filling machine: Suitable for filling containers of solid items, such as tablets, capsules or candies. These machines often use a combination of vibration and mechanical sorting systems to ensure accurate product placement.

Bag Filling Machine: Designed for filling pre-made bags or pouches with a variety of products, including liquids, powders or solids. Usually a combination of filling and sealing mechanisms is used to produce the finished product.

Canning or Canning Machine: Suitable for filling jars or cans of products such as jams, preserves or creams. Canning machines typically use piston or pump filling systems to ensure accurate and consistent filling.

working principle:
Container loading: Containers are loaded onto the machine, either manually or automatically, depending on the machine's configuration.

In summary, filling machines play a key role in modern production lines, ensuring that products are accurately and efficiently filled into containers.

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