ZONESUN Independent Temperature-controlled Fermentation Tank Mashing Equipment ZS-MF2

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Size: Both 34L
Voltage: 110v
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SUS304 stainless steel production, internal mirror polishing, external wire polishing treatment, excessive corner outside the arc, the inner wall of the outer barrel with digital scale, the bottom of the inner barrel with screen, saccharation, filtration, washing, cooling, transfer wort, easy to operate, small footprint, easy to move, countercurrent coil cooling speed, wort transfer pipe, joint, It is also very convenient to transfer wort to the fermenter via the saccharifying pump! The temperature in the saccharification process can be adjusted at the upper and lower limits! The unique hot water pump circulation system can achieve the balance of wort in the saccharification process, and will not make the temperature difference of wort up and down too much because of the backlog of wheat lees, keytone LED light switch! Special 304 stainless steel inner bucket bracket is easy to place and fix, to ensure that wort does not spill! The outer barrel adopts 304 (imported rubber universal wheel) for easy movement, greatly improving work efficiency! 304 stainless steel outer cover + explosion-proof visible glass inner cover, durable, easy to clean, saccharizing wort circulation tube, uniform temperature, high sugar yield, removable heating tube, heating tube power 3KW, easy to clean, easy to maintain, digital display intelligent thermostat, 304 stainless steel stirring shovel.
Fermenter equipment: SUS304 stainless steel production, internal mirror polishing, external wire polishing treatment, corner outside arc excessive, pressure, heat preservation, refrigeration, easy to control the temperature, the use of brand Dongbei compressor, durable, save electricity, power 235 watts, 220V, special copper tube refrigeration, refrigeration effect is better, Equipment pressure 0.6MPA, inner bladder 2.OMM, outer bladder 1.5MM, insulation layer 5CM, Little Red Riding Hat safety automatic pressure relief valve, automatic pressure discharge, To prevent excessive air pressure caused by human operation, the factory setting pressure reaches about 0.35MPA automatic pressure relief, pressure gauge (more intuitive observation tank pressure, so as to observe at any time), intake/exhaust valve, digital display intelligent thermostat (temperature can be set, save trouble, The temperature reaches the compressor stop, higher than the set temperature the compressor starts, the temperature can be set, the cooling mode (set the start temperature control is greater than the stop temperature), sample the wine valve, elbow, drain valve, clamp washer, the middle diameter 114MM, the expansion port 2 38MM, can install other accessories, can also be used as the material port, universal wheel, 60 degree cone, More conducive to the collection of sediment sewage, can be sealed atmospheric pressure fermentation, can also be maintained pressure fermentation, fermentation storage. Exquisite style, small footprint.
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