ZONESUN ZS-MPYT250C Automatic Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine With Conveyor

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Voltage: 110V
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This small automatic filling machine is equipped with high accuracy magnetic pump,it is good for filling low viscosity liquid like water,essential oils,juice etc.Multiple filling nozzle can be customized according to production need.This machine is good for small scale prodcution,the automatic working mode helps you save production.



Machine Model
220V/110V 50-60Hz
Filling Pump
316 Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump
Filling Speed
About 5-30bottles/min(depending on bottle size and material)
Filling Range
Max Flow Rate
Filling Accuracy
Conveyor Loading Capacity
Max 5kg
Conveyor Belt Size
Suitable Liquid Temperature
Machine Size
About 1170*630*320mm
Package Size
About 1200*400*300mm
Gross Weight
About 30kg






Through digital panel,you can set or adjust working parameters like filling speed and waiting time.Easy to operate. Quantity of filled bottles can show on panel,visual and accurate.


With stainless steel magnetic pump,it has feature of high filling accuracy and corrosion resistance.It is suitable for filling 3≤PH≤9 liquid.




The working height of filling nozzle can be adjusted according to bottle size. Multiple filling nozzles can be customized as your need.


The electric eye is designed for detecting bottles and controlling machine to fill liquid.Intelligent and efficient.Its sensitivity can be adjusted as needed.

With high quality conveyor belt,it can transport bottles steadily.The conveying speed and width of conveyor belt can be adjusted according to production need.