ZONEPACK 80W/160W 10-50mm Large Torque Speed Adjustable Capping Machine Handheld Electric Sealing Tightener Screwing Capper Plastic Bottle

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This capping machine is in larger torque than regular capping machine,the working speed is adjustable,if your caps is not with many threads ,then you can adjust to lower working speed for fitting the caps and it won't damage your caps.This capping machine also can be used on 38mm/28-32mm caps with security ring. 



Hand-held electric capping machine is mainly used to the screwcap tighten and loosen. Easy to carry, which can be easily used to tighten or loosen the cap. Of its adjustable clutch (readjustment) can effectively avoid the cap damage and reduce the wear and tear of the internal plug once the cap is tightened chuck to stop spinning, show that you can be the next cap operation. Capping work applicable to a variety of high strength bottle caps apply to the the cap direct range of 10-50 mm, a single production capacity of up to 30-90 bottles / min.


Voltage: 220V/110V

Capping diameter: 10-50mm(optional)

Weights: 1.6kg


Packaging list:

1 x Large torque capping machine

2 x aluminium chunk

6x rubber pad(10mm-20mm, 20mm-30mm,28-32mm,30mm-40mm, 38mm,40mm-50mm)

1x spring balance

1x hex wrench