ZONEPACK Embossing Machine Handheld soldering Iron for Leather Wood Wedding Cake Embossing Custom Logo Hot Stamping Machine

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Product Name: Hot stamping Machine/Press Machine
Power    :110V/220V
Working Temperature :smaller than 350 degree
Product Size:215mmx25mm
Function:suitable for wood , cake,dessert,leather
Buyer reading: 


1.Please contact us for confirming your design and size before you placing an order

2.We need 1-3 days for making  molds

3.Engraving depth:Standard 2.5-3.0mm(3-5mm as customer request)

4.Document version:CDR/AI/EPS/PSD/High quality JPG

5.This machine is suitable for molds whihc are smaller than 5x5cm




The handheld stamping machine  is free operation.The stamping area will be not limited compared with the desktop stamping machine.This kind of machine will be especially for large goods like wood,large handbag etc.



This soldering iron is a good choice for wood cake,leather.But this machine will be hard to use with foil for novices,if you have no experience in bronzing,we recommend the following machine,or you can not get the beautiful logo.

2.For leather with uneven surface, it is used for hot stamping, not for bronzing paper.