ZONEPACK Full Automatic Desktop CNC Liquid Filling Machine With Conveyor Bottle Filling Machine Perfume Juice Milk Water Filler

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Power Supply Voltage
110/220V 50-60HZ
Maximum flow velocity
4000m/min(Each nozzle and base on water)
Working speed
1500-3000 bottles/hour(depends on botle size and liquid)
Air pressure
Filling accuracy
≤+1% (For water)
Diameter of Flling Nozzle
Delay Range
Count Range
1-99999 Times
Machine Size
1350x7 10x600mm
Machine Weight
About 50kg
Filling Volume
3-1000ml(220V)3- 500ml(110V)since the power of 110v machine is not| large, so we recommend 3-500ml for each nozzle
1.This machine is with a conveyor,it can fill the liquid automatically and stop to work because of the  infrared sensor.The working seed of the conveyor is adjustable,what you need to do is just placing bottles
2.It is suitable for small-dose liquid filling equipment. And good for filling bottles of various round plastic bottles. It has the advantages of smooth bottom bottle, uniform filling speed, accurate metering, simple operation and high-speed dispensing.
3. All components of the device are high-quality, the machine body is all stainless steel, the model is small, and with reasonable design.It is economical and practical.
4.This machine is easy to operate,and really convenient for short run production.It will not work if there is no bottles because of the  infrared sensor.It fills accurately and can be quantitative filling
5.It can be used for production line.You can  customize multiple nozzles according to output
6.Digital conrtol panel,and it can eliminate failure intelligently which help you save a lot of time.
7.The machine is esy to operate and test,you don't need the professional technicist,which improves your working efficiency
8.The machine is lightweight and saving space,which is suitable for short run production

The automatic liquid filling machine series is widely used in various liquid quantitative dispensing industries such as, mineral water, beverages, edible oils, condiments, daily chemicals, etc.