ZONEPACK JDC 13mm-16mm PET PP Plastic Strapping Machine Tools Battery Powered 4.0A/12V battery Strap Machine With 2 batteries

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Manufactured JDC-13/16 srapping ,separate after friction adhesion.the plastic straps around the box (bag). Straps tool is using platic sraps. Manually use strap feding device to windendis insrted into sraping tool and automatcally tensioned.
Size of strapping tool with battery
Length: 340mm
Width: 130mm
Height: 118mmWeight: 2.7kg
Battery weight: 0.35kg
Straps material
Quality: flat or embossed PET (polyester) and 
PP(polypropylene) straps.
 Size: 13.00-16.001 0.4-1.20
 Please choose the appropriate size according to strapping tool you purchased.
Straps strength
Tensile strength: 60-2800N adjustable.(Maximum value depends on the quality of straps.)
Tensioning speed: 100-200mm/s
Adhesive strength: about 75% of plastic straps.(Depending on the quality of straps)
Working temperature
Ambient air temperature is 5  to 45 degree centigrade.
Optimum working temerature is 15 to 20 degree centgrade.


1.light weight body, easy to use

2.without fasterners, using friction hot melt, the joint is beautiful and strong.

3.easy to move, for a variety of venues, the various size of the package can be applied.

4.high safety performance

5.high degree of automation, simple operation and easy to understand

6. the body and components are made of high strength alloy materials and engineering plastics, which is durable use.