ZONEPACK Manual Leather Die Cutting Machine Handmade Earring Die Cuts Pressing Machine For Punching Clicker Die Steel Rule Die

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Main Parameter 
Name: 18x10cm Manual Die Cutting Machine
Pressure: 1000kg
Suitable for 1-5mm thickness leather
Size: length 210* width 170mm*130mm height
Net weight: 6.6kg

1.Lightweight:Compared with other manual die cutting machine,this small die cutting machine is really lightweight and help you save a lot of shipping fee.It is useful for small die cuts,it is suitable for leather worker,paper worker.
2.This machine is made of high-quality steel,which is durable and useful.

Designed for small die cuts like earring cuts,key ring die cuts.Or if you are a paper worker,you can buy this machine and work  with your paper cutting die.