ZONESUN Manual Leather Skiver Machine Strap Splitter Handle Leather Peeling Tools

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Main Parameter

Blade Length:150mm

Suitable Leather Width:≤ 80mm

Suitable Leather:Vegetable tanned leather(hard leather)

Packaging weight:6kg

Packaging size:26x12x15cm



It is widely used in hand-made leather carving / handmade leather goods and harness manufacturing industry, include private custom belts, DIY handmade belts, handmade leather bags, handmade leather shoes, handmade leather boots, handmade leather wallets, luxury custom handbags, high-grade saddles and harnesses, leather bracelets, Leather watch belts, and hand-made card holders, knife sets, cell phone bags, etc.



This hand-made vegetable tanned leather (planted leather) skiving machine is designed for the American handmade leather goods and saddle and harness manufacturing industry. This hand-made leather skiving machine uses a solid die cast base and high-speed tool steel blades to ensure the precision and stability of the thinning process. With a blade width of 150 mm, the cutting thickness can be easily adjusted and can be repeatedly cut to the desired thickness (thinest to 0.3 MM).


How To Use It

1.Use screws or G clip to fixed the machine

2.Adjust the distance between the sprindle and the blade acorrding to the thickness

3.One hand push the wood handle forward and aother hand pull the leather strap.



1.This piece of leather machine is all manual work, you need to pull the leather for skiving, it is suitable for vegetable tanned leather.

2. The blade will be broken? This machine use high speed steel blade, durable, can use many years,we are also supply blade for sell.If you can't grind blade, or can't find grind blade person, PLS consideration to buy.
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