ZONESUN Pneumatic Oral Liquid Penicillin Antibiotic Injectable Bottle Capper Aluminum Plastic Glass Vial Crimper Capping Machine

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Size: 13mm
Material: Full Aluminum
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Working Height:10cm-37cm(adjustable)
Working Speed: 45- 60bottles/min
Percent of Pass:99%
Air Pressure: 0.4-0.5mpa
Weight: 9.5kg
Sealing Diameter: 13mm 15mm 20mm(other sizes need to be customized)
1.The wroking bench is with detailed scale which can help you postion bottles well
2. Easy to operate, compact structure, crimping head can change, one machine for different size caps.
3. Provide air pressure to 0.6-0.8Pa.
4. The crimping mouth is strength, wear-resistance, have long service life.
5. Have pierced aluminum sealed performance is good, the mouth even and neat.
6. It’s used for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical products.
7. Suitable for crimping vial bottle and antibiotic bottle caps, it uses the crimping head to crimp the cap, and fix tightly on the bottle mouth.
8. It consists of the machine body, platform, clamping device and pneumatic control system.
9. This item can adjust the working height by rotating the knob so that can be used for different kinds of bottles.
1.Sealing diameter 13mm .15mm and 20mm mean the bottle opening size 
2.Please choose the aluminum and plastic cap or full aluminum cap according to your need.