ZONEPACK Vegetable Tanned Leather Burnishing Machine Mini Desktop Leather Edge Grinding Machine Polishing Tool Side Polisher

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Size: 110V standard set
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This is a machine that will give your product edge the perfect quality. And the operation is very simple. It not only saves you a lot of time, but also gives your product a professional look and can use it anytime, anywhere. First use a sanding sleeves to scrape and shape the edges of your product, then use a hardwood burnishing wheel to smooth them. Finally there are two leather polishing wheels that can perform their job perfectly. This machine is suitable for all vegetable tanned leather products. 
This machine is suitable for polishing vegetable tanned leather, belt, strap, and bag edge. Of course, larger bags or jade can be polished and engraved after combining polishing head.
Voltage: AC110V/60Hz, AC 220V/50HZ,
Power: 350W
Speed: 0-8000RPM adjustable
Size: 32x18x18cm
Weight: 4kg
Package Included:(Standard set)
1x Host power machine
1x Sandalwood grinder 5 mills(4/6/10/13/15mm)
1x Sand belt wheel (rubber wheel)
4x Sand belt (120# x2pcs,180# x2pcs)
1x Left and right connecting rod
1x Leather polishing wheel fixtures 
Wrench and carbon brush