ZS-FK2100 Vertical Sealing Machine Electromagnetic Continuous Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine Induction Automatic Sealer

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Size: 110V
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This machine is based on the principle that metal objects generate huge eddy currents and generate heat under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The aluminum foil is heated by electromagnetic induction to melt the adhesive film under the aluminum foil and adhere to the bottle mouth to achieve continuous and fast non-contact sealing.



Maximum power:2100W
Sealing diameter:20-85mm(optimal size)
Adaptation bottle height:10-260mm
cooling method:Air-cooled
shell material:Stainless steel
Conveying platform load: ≤15kg
Conveyor length:86cm
Conveyor width:13.5cm
Sealing speed:0-15bottles/min (The sealing speed will vary depending on the size and material of the object being sealed.)