ZONEPACK ZS-DPYT2P Semi Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine Electric Digital Control Filler Pump 50-4000ml Bottle Filler for Oil, Milk, Beverage, Water, Juice, Essential Oil with 2 Heads

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Machine Model



AC 220V/110V   50-60Hz



Filling Range


Maximum Suction Distance


Maximum Flow Rate


Repetitive error smaller than

0.5%(depending on the density of product)

OD of Filling Nozzle

OD 6mm

Machine Weight



This machine is used for filling liquid, such as beverage, water, perfume,etc. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, medicine, food, daily chemical industries.


1. We'll test all of the filling machines before sending out. So it's normal that the pump and tube are with liquid inside when you receive it.

2.This one is not suitable for filling foamy liquid.




  • Suitable for Beverages, wine, vinegar, soy sauce,essence of liquid skin care products, perfume and other liquid products. NOT suitable for corrosive liquids and highly viscous liquids and the liquid thicker than edible oil.Especially suitable for small batch production in medicine, chemical, food, beverage, oil, cosmetics and other industries.

  • Not suitable for disinfectant who contains high concentration of alcohol, over 40%.





  • 1. What kind of liquid to fill with the machine? Is it viscous? Is it corrosive?

  • This machine is suitable for filling LOW-VISCOUS (water-like) with NO solid particles and NON-CORROSIVE LIQUID. (ie. MCT oil based tincture, CBD Oil, essential oil, Water, Juice).If it contains alcohol, its concentration should NOT exceed 40%

  • 2. The liquid volume to be filling each time?

  • The maximum filling amount of this machine is 4L per head, not suitable for very low filling amount, such as 0.5 to 50 ml.If your liquid is a bit thick or corrosive or you requires low filling amount, please e-mail us and inform us your needs.We have other model that is suitable for you. (For viscous liquid, corrosive liquid, low filling amount, 3L/5L/6L..., 3, 4, 5...12 heads machines are all customizable.)