ZONEPACK 50-9999g Semi-automatic Dry Powder Granule Rice Materials Filling Weighing Machine Food Granule Filler Packing Machinery

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1. Strong vibration design, fast filling speed and no blocking.            

2. Adopt microcomputer control technology, high accuracy, equivalent to electronic scale weighing.           

3. Accurate weighing, automatic discharging with a foot pedal, convenient and fast.    

Machine name: 9999g New Large Capacity Packing Machine
Machine material: High quality stainless steel
Machine weight: About 52kg(without wooden case packing)
Machine power: 300W
Working voltage: 220V/50Hz  110V/60Hz(can be customized)
Packing range: 50-9999g(can be adjusted)
Packing accuracy: ±6g
Packing speed: About 5-10 small bags/min(depending on the material)
Machine size: 52cm*58cm*146cm(excluding hopper)
Hopper size: 45cm*45cm*43cm
This machine is suitable for packaging tea, food, grain, powder and miniature electronic components such as general non cementation solid particle, whose diameter is from 1.2 to 10mm.