ZONESUN Semi-automatic Heat Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

ZONESUN Semi-automatic Heat Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

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This machine is a sealing and contraction of a semi-automatic shrink packaging machine, sealing knife structure of“L”shape, a one-time closed shrinkable packaging, the machine cover an area of an area small, small power consumption, suitable for family outlets office is widely used in food and drug audio and video products hardware cosmetics books, toys, plastic electronic products ,such as small batch of the outer packing .seal dust proof moistureproof and guard against theft at the same time, users don't have to destroy the packaging can confirm the goods, to the end user to open the product packaging.

Product features:

1.It is equipped with special roller pinhole equipment to fully drain the air in the film

2.Sliding film bracket, can be placed all kinds of shrink film specifications, arbitrary adjustment

3.PPS temperature resistant knife chuck, can withstand the test of long-term use

4.It can be adjusted according to the packing size

5.Locking casters are installed at the bottom to move or position the machine as needed