ZONESUN ZS-GTRP2 Semi-automatic Rotor Pump Paste Filling Machine With 2 Heads

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Voltage: 110V
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This semi-automatic filling machine is equipped with rotor pump, it is suitable for filling thicker liquid and has faster filling speed.(We won’t recommend to fill liquid).Controlled by servo motor and PLC touch screen control panel, enter certain digital number to set filling volume.This is more convenient and suitable for filling hot sauce, honey, shampoo, cosmetic cream.



Machine model
110/220V 50-60HZ 2KW
Filling pump
Rotor Pump
Recommend filling volume
Filling accuracy
Filling nozzle size
Hopper size
600*360*400mm(L*W*H) / 60L
Working speed
About 30bottles/min (based on 1L filling volume)
Machine size
About 820*620*1700mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight
About 128kg


Rotor Pump Paste Filling Machine


Equipped with PLC digital display control panel, the working date like filling speed, filling volume can be adjusted according this, it is more convenient and help to watch the machine status in real time easily.

Equipped with large capacity hopper, material can be filled faster and more smoothly under the action of is more convenient to supply materials in time.Extra mixing and heating function can be customized according to production need.


With pneumatic filling nozzles, this is more powerfule when filling thick liquid The rotor pump head is a metering pump with a positive displacement structure. The displacement per revolution is a fixed value. The servo motor can accurately control the speed for metering and filling.

The position of filling nozzle can not be changed, but the working height of the working bench can be adjusted according to bottle height by this rotary knob. It is with digital display function, this is more convenient when debugging machine.


This machine can fill thick liquid by controlling pedal switch.This can free your hands during filling production prcess.It is suitable for small scale production.