ZONESUN ZS-HYS450N Automatic Plasticine Feeding Cutting Sealing Machine

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For sale is a high-quality horizontal flow packaging machine designed to package products such as plasticine and sealant. This machine is perfect for businesses that require efficient and precise packaging of their products.

At the front end of the machine, there is a feeding hopper where users can easily load lumps of material. The machine then squeezes the material into a continuous tube and transports it to the splitting station, where the tube is evenly divided into squares. These squares are then transported to the bagging station, where they are precisely wrapped with film and then sent to the sealing station, where the bags are sealed to ensure maximum product freshness and safety. Whatever your packaging needs are, you can rely on ZONSUN.




S-HYS450N Automatic Plasticine Packaging Machine

Power Supply

220V, 50/60Hz,11KW

Applicable Width of Film

Width≤450mm, φ≤420mm

Size of Bag Making


Applicable film

paper film, aluminized film and other composite films

Machine Size


Machine Weight

about 1000KG


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automatic packing machine
automatic packaging system